While creating the Motive Marketing Group, our vision and goal always remains the same. Our brand will deliver the best quality in marketing and showcasing homes. At the same time, it is most important that our clients, peers and group members know that our approach, is no matter what, to put their wants, needs and goals first. In order to do this, we have set our foundation off of what our core values and beliefs are; Commitment, Accountability and Confidence. We apply these core values everyday, in both the personal and professional aspects of life. Commitment, from our group being in long term marriages, having children in sport, twin boys, athletic careers the high ranks and having a team approach in business. Our commitment to standards for ourselves and to others is always at the forefront. Accountability, everyday we have each other and our clients counting on us to make sure we are present, communicating and creating ways and opportunities to help achieve the wants, needs and goals that are set out. With a team approach and knowing that everyone on board is bringing a strength to deliver to the highest standard, it is crucial that everyday we are accountable and held accountable to each other, and to our clients. Finally, confidence.  Our confidence in our vision of marketing each home to its full potential, confidence in each other and confidence that we will achieve what our clients set out for us in their goals, is what allows us to deliver to the highest standard. As a group, putting what we  believe in and feel strongest about will get everyone the results they're looking for and achieve all their goals that have been set out.